VIM Drivers

Open Baton uses the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) mechanism for implementing VIM drivers. It offers an implementation of an interface that is used by the NFVO.

What are the supported VIM types?

By default the NFVO is installed with the two following VIM drivers:

  • openstack: for deploying virtualized resources on top of OpenStack
  • amazon: for deploying virtualized resources on top of Amazon AWS
  • docker: for deploying virtual containers on top of Docker or Docker Swarm
  • test: for testing purposes implementing a VIM mockup

The NFVO uses a driver mechanism for interacting with VIMs. Inside the NFVO folder is a folder called plugins where the binary file that implements the interface to your VIM ( i.e. Openstack ) should be placed (you can change the folder where Open Baton searches for the plugins by changing the variable nfvo.plugin.installation-dir in the file under /etc/openbaton).
This binary file is the implementation of the interface that communicates with your VIM.

Note: You can implement your own interface just follow the documentation on writing your own VIM driver.