Install Open Baton using Docker

This repository contains a number of deployment templates and instructions how to install Open Baton in containers.

The Quick Start provides the easiest and fastest way to bring up a working Open Baton framework without caring about any configuration. In addition, there are some other templates provided for additional scenarios in this repository allowing a better way of configuration and versioning.

System Requirements

You will need: - Docker (>=18.03) - Docker Compose (>=1.20)

Quick Start

In one command you can start Open Baton by using docker-compose and the docker-compose.yml in this repository.

It downloads the docker-compose.yml in the current folder via curl and executes docker-compose up. All configurations are contained in this compose file. Only the HOST_IP must be set to the actual IP of your host machine so that the virtual machines' Generic EMS can connect to the Generic VNFM via RabbitMQ.

Install the latest release 6.0.0:

curl -o docker-compose.yml | env HOST_IP=$YOUR_LOCAL_IP docker-compose up -d

Install the latest development version:

curl -o docker-compose.yml | env HOST_IP=$YOUR_LOCAL_IP docker-compose up -d

This basic deployment setup is there for a quick start and contains the following components: NFVO Generic VNFM Openstack4j driver Docker VNFM Docker driver RabbitMQ * MySQL

These components are enough to make deployments in OpenStack and Docker.

After few minutes the Open Baton NFVO should be started, then you can open a browser and go on localhost:8080. To log in, the default credentials for the administrator user are:

user: admin
password: openbaton