Docker VIM Driver

This Vim Driver is able together with the Docker VNFM to deploy network services (NSs) on top of a Docker engine.

Both VNFM and VIM Driver are necessary in order to be able to deploy NSs over Docker.

It uses the go-openbaton go sdk allowing the NFVO to interoperate with this plugin using AMQP. This plugin uses Docker go SDK as implementation of the Docker Engine API. The Docker VIM Driver source code is available at this GitHub repository


Download the Docker VIM Driver

You can download the VIM Driver for docker here. Choose the appropriate distribution.

wget -O docker-driver
chmod +x docker-driver

Check the usage

./docker-driver --help

Usage of docker-driver:
  -cert string
        The certificate directory
        (default "/Users/usr/.docker/machine/machines/myvm1/")
  -conf string
        The config file of the Docker Vim Driver
  -ip string
        The Broker Ip (default "localhost")
  -level string
        The Log Level of the Docker Vim Driver (default "INFO")
  -name string
        The name of the Docker Vim Driver (default "docker")
  -password string
        The registering password (default "openbaton")
  -port int
        The Broker Port (default 5672)
        if the plugin works against a swarm docker
        use tsl or not
  -type string
        The type of the Docker Vim Driver (default "docker")
  -username string
        The registering user (default "openbaton-manager-user")
  -workers int
        The number of workers (default 5)
exit status 2

Create a file called config.toml that looks like:

type        = "docker"
workers     = 5
username    = "openbaton-manager-user"
password    = "openbaton"
logLevel    = "DEBUG"
brokerIp    = "localhost"
brokerPort  = 5672

Then run docker-driver as:

./docker-driver -conf config.toml

or as:


and the default values will be used.

Or you can skip all the code installation using docker:

docker run -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock openbaton/driver-docker-go driver-docker-go

How to use the Docker VIM Driver

In order to upload a VimInstance using the docker driver, you need to upload a Vim Instance as follows:

  "name": "vim-instance",
  "authUrl": "unix:///var/run/docker.sock",
  "tenant": "notenant",
  "username": "admin",
  "password": "openbaton",
  "type": "docker",
  "location": {
    "name": "Berlin",
    "latitude": "52.525876",
    "longitude": "13.314400"
  • name The Name of the Vim Instance
  • authUrl either you pass the unix socket, in this case will use the socket running locally to the vim driver or the host connection string for remote execution
  • type is docker

after uploading this Vim Instance, you should be able to see all images and networks in the PoP page of the NFVO dashbaord