Open Baton

Open Baton is an open source project providing a comprehensive implementation of the ETSI Management and Orchestration (MANO) specification.

Its main components

Open Baton provides many different features and components:

  • A Network Function Virtualisation Orchestrator (NFVO) completely designed and implemented following the ETSI MANO specification. Read more here
  • A generic Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM) able to manage the lifecycle of VNFs based on their descriptors. Read more here
  • A Juju VNFM Adapter in order to deploy Juju Charms or Open Baton VNF Packages using the Juju VNFM. Read more here
  • A driver mechanism for adding and removing different type of VIMs without having to re-write anything in your orchestration logic. Read more here
  • A powerful event engine useful based on a pub/sub mechanism for the dispatching of lifecycle events execution. Read more here
  • An autoscaling engine which can be used for automatic runtime management of the scaling operation operations of your VNFs. Read more here
  • A fault management system which can be used for automatic runtime management of faults which may occur at any level. Read more here
  • It integrates with the Zabbix monitoring system. Read more here
  • A set of libraries (the openbaton-libs) which could be used for building your own VNFM. Read more here
  • A Marketplace useful for downloading VNFs compatible with the Open Baton NFVO and VNFMs. Read more at here

Setup architecture

Can I plug in my Network Functions?

Yes, this is possible using (at least) two different approaches:

  • Integrating your own VNFM. In this case you can use either the REST interface, or the AMQP one for interoperating with the NFVO.
  • Implementing a set of scripts which can be executed as part of the lifecycle event of your Virtual Network Function Descriptor. We provide a generic VNFM and EMS which can be used for executing them.

Learn more here.

Can I use Open Baton to build my own Network Service?

Yes! Open Baton provides a NFVO which can interoperate with VNFMs implemented by third parties. We provide also a set of tools (like the vnfm-sdk) which supports developers in building their own VNFM.

Learn more here.

Get started

In order to get started you can follow the installation guide.

Learn more

Please refer to the "Tutorials" and "Learn More" sections for having more information about the Open Baton project. You can also learn more via our video tutorials published on the Open Baton Youtube Channel.

What is NFV

ETSI NFV represents a concerted telco operator initiative fostering the development of virtual network infrastructures by porting and further adapting network functions to the specific cloud environment. ETSI NFV has defined a large set of virtualisation use cases, spanning from the cloudification of the main core network functions such as IMS, Evolved Packet Core, and Radio Access Networks, as well as providing on demand and complete virtualised infrastructures as IaaS or PaaS to third parties, such as enterprises and professional radio. That enables providing elastic deployments of cost efficient network infrastructures. One of the main concerns of ETSI NFV is to prove the feasibility of the cloud deployments of the typical network functions through proof of concept trials and prototypes as well as providing indications for further standardization in the areas of underlying infrastructures, software architectures, networking and management, and orchestration to improve performance and grant security of the overall infrastructure. ETSI NFV limits itself to this level of indications, considering that other standardization bodies and de-facto open source standards should finalize the specific implementation work.

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Supported by

Open Baton is a project developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS and TU Berlin. It is supported by different European publicly funded projects: NUBOMEDIA, Mobile Cloud Networking, CogNet, SoftFIRE. Open Baton is one of the main components of the 5G Berlin initiative.