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An open source Network Function Virtualisation Orchestrator (NFVO)
fully compliant with the ETSI NFV MANO specification

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about open baton

OpenBaton is a ETSI NFV compliant Network Function
Virtualization Orchestrator (NFVO).
Open Baton is a ETSI NFV MANO compliant framework. Open Baton was part of the OpenSDNCore ( project started almost three years ago by Fraunhofer FOKUS with the objective of providing a compliant implementation of the ETSI NFV specification.
Open Baton is easily extensible. It integrates with OpenStack, and provides a plugin mechanism for supporting additional VIM types. It supports Network Service management either using a generic VNFM or interoperating with VNF-specific VNFM. It uses different mechanisms (REST or PUB/SUB) for interoperating with the VNFMs. It integrates with additional components for the runtime management of a Network Service. For instance, it provides autoscaling and fault management based on monitoring information coming from the the monitoring system available at the NFVI level.

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The OpenBaton repository is available under Apache 2.0 Licience

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