Register a new Point of Presence (PoP)

The Virtualised Infrastructure Manager (Vim) is the functional block, responsible for controlling and managing the NFVI compute, storage and network resources within a Point of Presence (PoP).

In order to interoperate with a PoP it is required to register the VIM instance responsible for it to the NFVO. Assuming that you already installed the proper VIM driver, in order to connect to the selected Point of Presence (PoP), you need to register it at the NFVO. For doing that you can write a JSON file containing the details of a VIM Instance like the one described below:


Most of the parameters are based on the OpenStack VIM type, since OpenStack represents the standard de-facto VIM in the ETSI NFV specification.

Params Meaning Mandatory
name The name of the Point of Presence, important for later on linking it into your VNFD yes
authUrl The endpoint for authentication yes
tenant The tenant name on which you plan to deploy your VNFs yes
username The name of the user able to access your VIM via its remote APIs (usually good to have admin rights) yes
password The password of the user able to access your VIM via its remote APIs yes
keyPair The keyPair name to get the access to the VMs (optional - mainly applicable to OpenStack) yes
securityGroups Use a Security group that provides a sets of IP filtering rules that are applied to an instance's networking (mainly applicable to OpenStack) no
type The type of the VIM Instance you are using. This information will be used by the NFVO for locating the corresponding driver. Please refer to the Marketplace for checking which VIM drivers are currently available. yes
location The location of the Point of PoP. no

By default we use only one tenant on your PoP. We are currently working on supporting the instantiation of different NSDs in different tenants. But it is possible to achieve this by creating two different PoPs with different names and the different tenants.

Register the PoP using the GUI

In order to make use of your VIM described within your JSON descriptor, you need to upload the VIM json file to the NFVO. You can use the dashboard available at localhost:8080 for this purpose. Under the menu Manage PoPs you can see the PoP instances. Click on the Register VIM button and upload your VIM descriptor. The following picture shows the dashboard:

register a new PoP

Once the VIM instance is registered, it will appear on the list of available PoPs, filled with the information regarding the available images, networks and flavors. At this point the VIM/PoP can be included in your Network Service Descriptors.

Please note that the name chosen must be unique inside the project and will be used to refer to the VimInstance.

For more information about the dashboard see: OpenBaton Dashboard